Life Drawing

Last night I went to my first ever life drawing class.  It was upstairs in the project space at The Steeple and lead by Bruce Shaw. He’s one of the other artists who has a studio here – there are 7 studios but only one resident artist (me). Bruce’s work is incredible and having only graduated last year from Dundee his work is already sought after by galleries.

I used to envy my brother’s skill as I watched him drawing. And during my MOMI days I always wanted to join the animators’ life drawing classes but never had the time. So now I have and I really enjoyed it although my shoulder ached – Erica told me that was normal! There were ten of us and quite a mixed bag of beginners, regulars, artists, young, old, etc.

I photograph what I see and so I’m hoping that I can draw what I see but I’m not sure my hand will translate to the paper in the same way that my eye translates to film. Pressing the camera button is a whole lot easier. Anyway, I was quite pleased with my first attempts. Bruce thought they were a good start, gave me some basic guidelines and encouraged me to stay freer and looser.

We started with quick 5mins sketches … the first one I did (big one in the middle) was probably the best thing I did all night but then I got nervous about getting it right.

And after a cuppa and a chat, we went on to one long pose …

Roll on next week.

~ by marysia on 13 May 2010.

2 Responses to “Life Drawing”

  1. Not bad for a first attempt! Sounds like things are nice and relaxed up there. Enjoy the time xx

  2. I am so impressed! Do you think you’ll be doing men next week?! Serrated edges spring to mind!

    Will give you a ring soon. Nellie xx

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