Journey to Newburgh, North Fife

My grand plan to write a blog of my residency in Newburgh suffered a major blow when I arrived to discover that I had no internet link and that my mobile doesn’t work in the building.  The granite walls are too thick for the ever flakey 3 signal to get through. However, after discovering the problem was an unpaid bill and several hours on the phone with BT, I am now fully connected.  It was an interesting few days being without technology and frankly no bad thing either.

Where is Newburgh? It’s on the banks of the Firth of Tay (the longest river in Scotland) about 20 miles from Perth which lies pretty much in the heart of Scotland. Apparently it has a rich history which I plan to discover more about over the next few weeks.

Meanwhile I have set up home in the old town hall which is now Steeple Arts. It’s been tastefully refurbished to accommodate an artist in residence, several artists studios and a project space for use by local groups.

Yes that wonderful clock chimes every hour. For someone who has no clocks and no real concept of time it’s quite a treat. I love it because I can see it from wherever I am in the village and local area so I can never really get lost. The chime? Well, yes, I hear it but it’s reassuring like the shipping forecast and adds to the history of the place …  and of course it never wakes me up as sleeping has never been a problem for me.

The studio has great light and I’m slowly making it my home.

It’s an inspiring area and I’m out taking photos every day.

The light is phenomenal across the Tay especially in the evening.

I have looked out the window at 6am but haven’t yet managed to get out for a walk … one day maybe.

~ by marysia on 11 May 2010.

One Response to “Journey to Newburgh, North Fife”

  1. It looks beautiful! Glad to hear from you – I had wondered why it had gone quiet, so glad that all things technical working now. But you are right with ‘no bad thing’ – it was meant to be so you could settle in without us nosey parkers crowding round!!

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